About Phonzy

Phonzy is a cute 3D character who is learning to speak. Kids help him by reading sentences aloud!

  • About
  • Uses speech recognition to assess how well kids pronounce words
  • Encourages kids to read aloud by providing audio prompts
  • Pictures & audio for all sounds and words
  • Challenges kids to read in order to unlock personal galleries and games
  • Works in background noise even in places like homes, cafes or cars
  • Features & Benefits
  • Simple, child friendly user interface
  • Helps boost confidence in reading and improves conversational skills
  • Parents or Teachers can monitor progress
  • No Third party Advertising

Reviews & Testimonials

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"I want to shout out to Meowtek…for blazing new trails! They are making learning fun!" Full Review

Teachers With Apps

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"4 out of 5 Stars ****" Full Review

Smart Apps For Kids

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"Fun and Educational Great app to help kids with lauguage and have fun at the same time. Phonzy encourages kids to join him in learning the sounds of language."


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